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Richmond Beat The Heat 5k Results!

richmond fire beat the heat

So today I ran the Richmond Fire Department Beat The Heat 5K! Overall it was a great event that raised money for the Richmond Firefighters Scholarship Fund which provide educational monies to children and spouses of current Richmond City Firefighters.


 Here I am coming to the finish line, overall my run was ok. I was coming off a slight knee injury.

Officially I finished in 30 mins and 6secs which placed me 131 out of 311 overall and 32 out of 50 in my age bracket. The only issue I have is that the time is measured by 1 clock that starts at one time. So when the clock started I had still not crossed the starting line which affected my overall time as there was time running while I was not. I know it is all in fun but I am competitive and want to go as fast as I possibly can.

The real story however was during the Kids “Fun Race”

 Here I am with the third place finisher in the Kids “Fun Race”. He made his daddy very proud, and all you kids take notice, next year he is gonna train and he is coming for first place!

Over all this was a great event and it supported a very good cause. Make sure you do not miss next years!

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As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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