The video below is an oldie but a goodie. It shows an advancing house fire, where several firefighters become trapped while conducting a search on the upper floors.

Now this video was taken before the “Saving Our Own” and “Mayday Firefighter Down” programs, as well as concepts of 2 in 2 out, and RIT/RIC. However they do act is a rapid fashion deploying hoselines, and trying to get ladders in place to rescue the firemen in danger.

The obvious answer to rescuing these guys is to get a ladder so they can get down (or put them there in the beginning), but what else can we do? What is the real problem?

The real problem here is the fire that is burning out of control. They take a line in the front door which is good, but there is fire visible in several other windows. I realize that we are trained to never put an exterior line in place while we have firefighters in the building, but when trying to save there lives is this tactic not valuable? Think about it, if these guys close the door to the room they are in, and we throw a lot of water at this fire is that not going to make everything better?

I can only speak for me but if I am hanging out of that window you can eve throw water at that nasty smoke above my head. I will gladly put up with the potential steam burns and live, then let the fire continue to burn out of control and have to jump, rope slide, or wait all of wich could potentially kill me.

So what do you think? How would you solve this problem if you were the IC, RIT/RIC officer,Truck officer, or Engine officer? Let us know in the comments section, twitter, or email.

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