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Well folks it is that time of year again, the NASCAR Nationwide, and Sprint Cup series have come back for yet another race here in good ole Richmond Va. As usual I will be attending the races which means tomorrow morning I will be off to the track to secure a spot for my Dad’s camper (and my two uncles) We will be there from Thursday until they run the races (in case of inclement weather).

One of the interesting things about NASCAR is that they do not have dedicated track safety teams, so local firefighters work the pits, crash trucks, ambulances, and outside track safety. Since the track is actually in Henrico County the Henrico Division of Fire takes the lead on providing Fire and EMS response to the track on a daily basis and during special events. The Division of course leans on other local organizations to full some other critical roles as the track becomes like its own little city so having to manage that and the regular demands of the county can be daunting at best. One of the most important things the firefighters do is work in the pits, and staff the “Crash Trucks” that respond on the track during any incident. These roles are vital to driver, and fan safety.

As a fan of NASCAR I have gotten to do and see some pretty amazing stuff working the inside and outside of the track. You do not know what MCI really is until you have worked a seizure or cardiac arrest in the 40th row, in the middle of a lead change. Below in the video is one of the most televised rescues performed by some of my coworkers. Make no mistake about it Jerry Naduea is alive today because of those guys.

So the next time you are out a sporting event take the time to thank the guys and girls working out at the venue for keeping you safe so that you can have a good time.

While I will not be working the event this year (I enjoy going more than working) as I said earlier I will be out there from tomorrow until the run the races, so while blogging may be a bit light I still have the ability to post from my phone and tweet, so if something is blog worthy then I will surely put it up. The best way to keep track is to follow along with me on twitter www.twitter.com/averagejakeff

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE! oh and special for this week GENTLEMEN START YOUR ENGINES!!!!

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