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Learning Lessons from others

As we all know fires are less and less, so we have to get experience in other ways. Sometimes we watch videos for pure entertainment, but others we can gain a lot of information. Typically we can learn something from everything we do, even if it is not how we want to do it (confirming our beliefs that the way that is shown or viewed is not the way we want to do it)

This video and one of the comments on the YouTube page gives us a lot of things to learn from.

1. Water Supply: I am in the crowd of people who like to lay into a scene. I personally think it is a more efficient way of doing business and keeps the clogging of apparatus at the scene down to a minimum. However there is a lot of people out there who like the second due to bring them their water. If your going to do that then I think the example shown here is how to do it. The second due engine comes to the scene and reverse lays out to the hydrant. This makes sure the scene is clear for a special service company, and it leaves an engine on the hydrant in case its a long lay, or more water is needed.

2. Forcible entry: It seemed like they were having a difficult time forcing the door. Now we do not know why this is, but it did take them a little time to get in. Some of the Youtubers out there noticed this as well and wanted to know why they did not take the window in the door and reach in to unlock it. As with any short cut this method does have some success, however usually at the detriment of other things. The big question is what type of lock is holding this door in place? What if it is a double keyed dead bolt? If it is a double keyed dead bolt then the other key must be present on the interior for the door to be unlocked. If it is not present you now have a uncontrolled vent opening feeding the fire, and a still LOCKED door. Not to mention if the fire conditions are heavy enough you can even be burned through turnout gear (a lesson I learned first hand). The better play is to force the door as you normally would and avoid taking windows.

That’s not al the lessons but i want you to figure some out for yourself, and share them in the comments section. Do not forget to follow us on twitter at www.twitter.com/averagejakeff

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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