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Greetings from INDY! I just wanted to take a quick moment to touch base with you on all of the great things going on here @ FDIC.

SO far I have enjoyed some good food, good instruction, and GREAT inspiration from various fire service instructors. Yesterday took a 4 hour workshop with Chief Salka, and Chief Lasky. This morning I took a great Engine Company Essentials class from Dan Shaw (Fairfax County Va) and Doug Mitchell (FDNY).

In about an hour I will be teaching my class “Long Stretch Solutions” I am hoping that the people who show up will get something out of it. Hopefully I will not screw up to bad! After my class Im gonna head down to the yearly Norman and Bruno Unplugged lecture and then to the Metro FOOLS party in front of Ike and Jonsies.

If you are here in Indy then please come and say hi, if you’re not I hope your following along via Facebook, Twitter, and Fireengineering.com.

 I will hopefully have some time to give another update in the next few days, and will be giving a full review when I get back home. Thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE.

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