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Culture Change?

People continue to talk about our culture and how it needs changing. Some people argue that we need to be less aggressive and more safety conscious, others argue that we already have enough safety in place, and if operations were done taught, learned, and performed right we would be safe.

I tend to agree with both. We need to do both, we need to learn, and do things right the first time but also we need to have a little more safety in mind dealing with the very dynamic factors the fireground offers.

This below video I think represents a little too much safety, and a lot of improper actions that were no performed the right way. Granted this is just a snap shot in time but it seems a lack of aggressiveness in multiple areas led to this fire becoming more than what it should have been. It also appears that the exterior “truck” company functions are lacking (especially in the window breaking department).

Look no one is perfect, and I make mistakes on fires, but the guys who work and have worked with me know that I beat myself up over the littlest mistake and that I am harder on me than anyone ever could be. Perfection is something we will never attain but when you strive for it you tend to come pretty darn close. The biggest change in culture that I see is the caring about the job or as I call it “the give a S^&*” factor. If people cared just a little bit about their fire ground performance a lot of these problems would take care of themselves.

So take a look at the video, and let me know what you think. Leave some feedback in the comments section. As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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