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Oh Really

Apparently some people out there are not to fond of the job we do or the sacrifices we make.

I wonder how some of these “suits” would fare working a 24, getting dirty, getting no sleep, and eating on the run. It’s a far cry from that cushy office job, and catered lunch.

Bottom line is folks times are tough and we need to let people know more than ever how important we really are. So take some time the next time you are out to actually talk to the people, put the kids on the fire truck, hold open doors, and do the little things on you next call like making sure Mrs. Smith has turned off all her appliances before she goes to the hospital, or that her cat has some food before you lock up. Trust me it really makes a difference.

Lets prove these people wrong and lets show them that not only is this job dangerous, fun, exciting, hard, etc. it’s also IMPORTANT! No one else can do what the fire department does, and it is past time we made sure people know about it!

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