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February Drill of The Month: Side C Operations

This video from Gary Indiana, shows us a townhouse fire. The fire itself is not very significant and there are several learning points that can be viewed, however the focus of this post is operations on Side C of the occupancy.

Typically in my department initial Side C operations are done by the Truck Driver. We run with a crew of 3 (driver, officer, firefighter) on all suppression units. In order to get critical functions done our drivers (Engine and Truck) must sometimes pull “double duty” until other units arrive.

This includes but is not limited to forcible entry, ventilation, utility control, laddering, and search/rescue of victims.

However in order to do these tasks successfully and safely the drivers must don their PPE to a minimum of pants, coat, helmet and gloves(SCBA is also recommended but not always practical). Failure to do this could result in inefficient operations, and firefighter injury. We all know that when a firefighter gets injured on the fire ground the focus shifts from the incident to our brother. In addition in already low man power situations it could make the mitigation of the incident impossible since a critical function is no longer being filled.

Also in order to complete the tasks at hand you need to bring the right tools with you for the job. These tools need to be based on the structure you are facing, the fire conditions, and the job you are tasked with doing based on departmental directives.

Here are a few posts I have already written that can help you in your Side C operations:





So this month take a look at your operations on Side C, figure out what you want done, who you want doing it, and what tools and equipment you are going to need based on your district, and the people you have. Then get out there and put it in practice!

If you have any other Side C tips, then please share them in the comments section. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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