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It has been a very busy few days for me. First and foremost my youngest son turned two, throw in going to a hockey game in DC, a UFC fight tonite, working my regular shifts at the station, and the Super Bowl party I am going to tomorrow and I have barely had time to sleep.

However I do like to stay busy and I am going to be even busier with FDIC, EMT-I class, and hopefully a rope rescue course around the corner.

So like I said earlier the Super Bowl is tomorrow and I am going to take the back half of the shift off in order to go to a party. While I do not have a dog in this fight(I am a Redskins fan) the party I am going to is a long-standing tradition dating back to before I was born so I always try to go.

So while I am going to be just relaxing watching the game, a lot of our brothers (yes ladies this means you as well) will be working a tour. While I hope for a very non eventful shift for all of you if anything is consistent in our job we know that BIG events usually lead to BIG calls, and the Super Bowl is no exception. People are having parties, and that means alcohol will be flowing freely. Some people do not know how to handle their drinks responsibly, even I have been to known to “have a few to many”. During times like this we have to remember to remain diligent and never let our guard down, quite the contrary we must be at a heightened state especially AFTER the event.

While this may not happen in your city the below video illustrates what happens when a few people having a good time turns into a menacing situation for first responders. I remember when I attended Eastern Kentucky University and coach Roy Kidd won his 300th game. All of the students rushed the field and tore down the goal posts and marched them into town and into a bar. Think of the calls that could have come from that, and that was just a small Division 2 College Football Game, nothing like THE SUPER BOWL!

So remember to be safe out there, wear your reflective turnout coats/vests, buckle up, always have a way out, and let the police do their job so that we can do ours. It also might not be a bad idea to go over some mass casualty incident management topics like triage at the coffee table in the a.m.

Thanks for reading, stay safe, and of course ENJOY THE GAME!

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