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Is Large Area Search Really The Answer?

Keeping with our search theme from the last post this video highlights “Large Area Search” training. This is a tactic that is supposed to be used with large commercial occupanices in order to locate victims in the structure. Honestly speaking this ...

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To Search or not to Search

The above is the title of an ongoing series of articles over at http://backstepfirefighter.com/ They highlight fires where searches were made in structures where some firefighter might have written off the search. The articles are good reads and do emphasize the ...

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Communication is KEY!

We all hear it and read about it in various fire service publications, etc. but do we really sit down and critique the communication aspects after a call. How often do you really assess what you are saying on the ...

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This is another video from Dale Pekel showing some techniques for use with a Personal Escape System. Dale has several videos and I really like them because no matter his views he gives you an honest assessment of everything he shows. ...

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Lathe and Plaster Overhaul

Here is a great video from Lt. Mike Ciampo on how to overhaul Lathe and Plaster walls, and ceilings at a fire. I know I personally had run into this construction type several times in my career and always hated the ...

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