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Fairfax Fire: Could You See It Coming?

This is the second video from the Fairfax County Fire that injured a few firefighters a couple of days ago. A lot of people have been giving their opinion about it, and it has all been very respectful and in the interest of learning.

Part of being able to be an aggressive firefighter is being able to predict what the fire is going to do next. We read smoke, we know building construction, we feel heat, we listen, and all sorts of other things in order to help us predict (guess) what the fire is going to do next and how we are going to react (combat) to it.

One of the biggest questions about this fire is did anyone see this “fire event” coming. Now I have taken Dave Dodson’s Art of Reading Smoke class 4 times, and have both of his DVD’s. I have read Building Construction for the Fire Service 3rd and 4th edition. I have attended thousands of hours of instate, and out-of-state training, and I have to be honest this was in my opinion tough to predict from the little glimpse of time we see it.

Sure the smoke was telling us that we had a good fire inside, but at no point except right before the event occurred was it leaving with extreme turbulence (a key indicator of flash over). Now the smoke was three-dimensional, and it definitely was heat pushed smoke but I was not thinking flash over from the outside perspective we have from the video. Once the fire vented from side D then the smoke from side A changed significantly but by then it was too late as the fire was already coming.  I’m curious as to what the interior crews were reporting, and what the actions of the Chief Officers were based on the information they were getting.

The real question is did you see it coming? Leave some feedback in the comments section, keep training, and stay safe out there!

EDIT: Still having trouble with VODPOD and the video loading system….to see the video click the bottom VODPOD link or just go here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30SCtOHUGhc

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