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Didn’t make the Cut

Well I am a little disappointed but my blog did not make the cut of the finalists for the Fire/EMS blog of the year, the competition is very tough and I can not argue with the finalists as all of the blogs represented are top-notch, and I read a lot of them.

In this type of thing you have to choose sides and I am putting my voting power behind Roanoke Virginia’s very own Capt. Willie Wines and his Iron Fireman blog http://ironfiremen.com/ . This blog is a little different from most as Capt. Wines gives us more of an insight into the everyday life of a fireman in and out of the firehouse, and does not often offer tactical lessons. However his personality jumps right off the page, and his humor is second to none! I really enjoy reading his blog, and think it is far and above the best of the ones represented. So take some time and vote for the Iron Fireman blog here: http://firecritic.com/contests/fire-ems-blog-of-the-year-2010/finalists-and-voting/# .

On another note, and this has been pointed out in various other blogs, but it seems that after a year of reduced LODD’s things have picked up in abundance, not even out of the first month of the year and we are already up to 19 LODD’s. Granted some things need to change in the LODD reporting (People who have left the firehouse and then go street racing is NOT a LODD) but there have been some legit LODD’s that keep repeating some of the same trends we continue to see.

One of the big things is our physical fitness level. Firefighters are consistently dying of cardiac related incidents. I want to go on record and say I HATE working out, it is usually the worst part of my day but 4-5 days a week I drag myself to the gym and work out for about an hour and a half (30 minutes of lifting and an hour of cardio). Firefighters are athletes, in the study done by the University of Indianapolis stated that firefighters hearts went from resting heart rates, to the maximum capacity and stayed there for upwards of 2 hours. That is like running your pump at 300 psi with minimal water circulation. The difference is we can train our bodies to better deal with it. You do not have to be a super athlete either an hour of walking on the tread mill everyday will pay great dividends in your health. Like I said I HATE working out but one thing I love is not getting tired on the fireground. I seldom get tired now, can go longer on a bottle, and usually get more work while other guys have gone through a bottle and are sitting in rehab because their blood pressure is so high they wont let them come back to work.

So in short do yourself a favor and excercise your muscles as well as your mind. I treat my body more like an amusement park than a temple but I also wanna keep that amusement park open for a long, long time.

Thanks for reading the blog, and keep spreading the word, Stay safe out there!

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