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Whats In Your District

This “Whats In Your District” Comes from Danny O….the details are below with some pictures it really emphasizes knowing your area and how each are is unique.


Attached are 2 photos of a significant hazard to firefighters.
While performing a “Home Safety Survey” at an older residence the owner advised that she wanted some suggestions on storing items in her basement.  As we were asking her questions about her basement she opened up a trap door in her kitchen floor to reveal a stairwell that led down to the basement.  This was the only entry and exit into the basement area, and of course would be completely hidden in low visibility.  The basement was full of fire hazards and extreme fire load.  If a fire were to break out in this basement it would immediately impinge on structural floor members and would lead to a collapse most likely before even noticed it was on fire. 
Richmond, Va is an old city and this house was a very old refurbished house.  I’m pretty sure this is not the only house on that block to have this type of basement location.

Moral of the story is……KNOW YOUR ENEMIES AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!!!


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