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2010-2011 Fire/EMS Blog of the Year Contest

Rhett over at www.firecritic.com is hosting the 2nd annual Fire/EMS Blog of the Year Contest. The categories are Best Fire Blog, and Best EMS Blog.

The rules, and how to nominate are here http://firecritic.com/contests/fire-ems-blog-of-the-year-2010/#

So nominate your favorite blog, no matter who/what it may be, and if you feel like its worthy then nominate the Average Jake Firefighter Blog for consideration. Either way blogging has become a great way to learn, and spread information. I know I have learned a lot from reading, and writing one and those that dedicate the time to do so need to be recognized for putting themselves out there, no matter what people may think.

So nominate and then vote for your favorite Fire/EMS Blog. Stay safe and thanks for reading!

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