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Ladder Pipe

This video comes to us from Oconomowoc WI and shows a late stage fire and the crews going defensive in order to try to extinguish it.

I will let you draw your own conclusions, but in my opinion this is some serious improper Ladder Pipe usage. Granted we do not get the full picture but it appears that a majority fo the roof is still intact. I am all for using the ladder pipe in a heavy fire situation, however when a significant portion of the roof is intact the proper tactic is to direct the stream under the roof line. The roof is not smart enough to tell the difference between our fire stream, and rain it treats them both the same. So directing the “portable thunderstorm” in its direction is simply good footage it does nothing for the fire.

If the fire does get through the roof structure you still have to evaluate the amount of fire you can reach and the amount of roof you have left. Additionally most of the buildings we deal with are not meant to handle the tremendous “live load” that we are placing on it with the massive amounts of water being placed into the building.

The Ladder Pipe can be an effective tool in fire suppression if placed in the right spot, and used in the proper manner. However with improper application you simply turn an incident into a $200,000 dumpster fire, or a fire department controlled burn.

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