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Chicago Firefighters Trapped Update

A lot more is coming out about the early morning fire in Chicago that killed 2 firefighters and injured several others. Rhett over at www.firecritic.com has probably the best link for you to get all of the news and coverage from the various blogs here: http://firecritic.com/2010/12/lodd-continued-coverage-chicago-firefighters-edward-stringer-and-cory-ankum/

Let us remember that during this time we need to reserve our judgement of the incident until the entire story is out, and keep our thoughts on the loss of our 2 brothers, and the others that are dealing with injuries and may be fighting for there lives. If mistakes were made, it will come out and plenty of opinions, and suggestions will be made on what could have been done better/different. But for now lets respect all involved and offer the helping hand of brotherhood, and support.

RIP brothers, and thoughts and prayers to your families. Good luck to those still dealing with injuries, I hope for 100% recovery for all of you.

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