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Update, Big Things, and Firefighter Net Cast

Well it has been a few days since I posted, but like I said in my last post I was heading out-of-town so that I could take my wife “Average Band Aide Bunny” on her birthday trip here:

I know not the manliest thing a fireman has ever done but being her oh so lovely self she did allow me to get some fire stuff in

 This is the Fire Station in Pigeon Forge

And this is the coolest mini golf place I have EVER SEEN! Plus is was right in front of “The Smoky Mountain Brewery” so it was very convient.

All in all it was a great trip, unfortunately my 5 day break was cut short because Monday I had to report to EMT-Enhanced Continuing Education Class at the Public Safety Building. So Monday, Tuesday, and today I have been refreshing my EMS knowledge. While some parts where good (The hands on portions), others where just mind numbing and boring but it can not be helped since it is required to re-up your certification.

When I got back though I had some interesting emails regarding the blog and some big things may be coming down the pike so stay tuned for that.

Lastly tonite is another episode of Firefighter Net Cast. If you have not listened to this yet than what are you waiting for! Tonite is another episode from Chris Naum who offers tactical lessons for today’s firefighter and fire ground. If that’s not your cup of tea they have several other programs that run the gamut of fire service interests. So take some time to check them out http://www.firefighternetcast.com/2010/12/taking-it-to-the-streets-looking-forward-through-the-rear-view-mirror-dec-15-9pm-est/

We have got a big snow storm heading our way and I am back on shift tomorrow, so I’m gonna start to back up my bag with all the little extras I take when they are calling for snow. Stay safe out there and please spread the word about the blog, and thanks for reading!

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