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Stubborn fire? You be the judge!

This video comes to us from West Valley City (I do not know where that is) and it shows the middle stages of a car fire that auto exposed into a structure via the siding and soffit and the attic is not involved. The video describes the fire as “stubborn” and it does look like they are having some difficulty extinguishing the remnants of the car fire and getting to the seat of the attic fire.

Granted this video is only a snap shot in time but it appears to me that there is some improper tactics going on while trying to extinguish the car fire. It should be a huge clue that when you keep spraying water on fire and it continues to burn, and even appears to be “floating” on top of the water and “running” that you should change tactic.

We do not get a good look inside but even the most rookie fireman knows the hindrances of attic fires (access, and fuel load being the biggest two). So it is hard to speak on what is possibly holding up the interior crews.

Now they did do some really good things. Everybody has their gear on complete with SCBA masked up, ready to go. It may not be your cup of tea, but we all know that smoke kills, even a little bit is and can be toxic, firefighters are getting cancer at an alarming rate (we have got a few in my FD right now battling it) it’s also been linked to one of the non traditional factors for heart disease, and stroke. So long story short if your eating smoke your shortening your life. Much like everything else in this job the risk is never gone and nothing we are doing is 100% safe, however that is not an excuse to take short cuts. Take the steps to reduce the risk down as little as possible and then proceed. I’m sure they had a pretty significant fire when they arrived and judging by the materials burning it was more than likely very smokey even exterior.

I would comment about the line choice, but without knowing how they were initially used it would be purely a guess.

So what do you think? Do you have any ideas on how to make this fire a little less stubborn? Share your comments and thoughts in the comments section, and please keep spreading the word about the blog!

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