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Some more Reading Smoke

The video in this post is a good example of not paying attention to the color of the smoke but rather its density and velocity. You will see in the video (and could probably tell if you have been reading smoke) that the fire starts in the rear and then makes its way into the “attic” space above the attached garage.

You will see the smoke venting from above the garage through the A side gable vent. The smoke is whiteish in color yet leaving the opening in rapid order and horizontally. People often focus on the color of the smoke, however the color can be influenced by several factors (time, distance, and shielding) rarely today does the color of the smoke indicate the material burning, the exception to this rule is untreated wood which gives off a tan color smoke. This is significant because that usually means the structural members are burning and not the contents. What we really want to focus on is the density, and the velocity of the smoke. The smoke in question in this video is leaving very fast, and is very very thick. The velocity is a prime indicator of flash over! The lazy smoke coming from the garage area indicates a couple of things. You will also notice some lazy smoke leaving the garage area this is probably indicating that the door between the house and garage is open, and that the fire has taken a different direction but is still filling the house with smoke. In the smoke reading world this would be refered to as volume pushed smoke and you can see it is carrying a darker color along with it and is thinner. This would indicate that this smoke is close to the fire but not close enough to receive the velocity from the pressure of the heat.

Toward the end right before the knock down you can see the smoke begin to slightly change to some darker colors, again this indicates that flash over is going to happen within seconds and something must be done to cool the area.

Do not be fooled by the color of smoke, or the flames. Flames are at their end potential, smoke is telling you where the fire is going. Feel free to share any other thoughts, tips, etc. in the comments section. Stay safe out there and spread the word about the blog!

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