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Rough Road

This video was put together by the firefighters from the City of Cincinnati Ohio. They are once again facing sever lay offs that threaten to cut the current work force in half. Over at Firegeezer http://firegeezer.com/2010/11/09/a-rough-road-ahead/ they have a lot more info. This is a horrible time in the fire service. Not even 10 years after the sacrifices of the 343 were we were supposedly “Americas Hero’s” we are now in a different kind of fight, the fight to maintain our livelihood.

This video just puts a lot of things in perspective, sure things are not always sun shine and roses at the FD. There are people, policies, and things I do not like. Sure we haven’t gotten a raise in a while, but we have not closed a company even for a day, still use over time to fill our positions, we are still replacing old fire stations, still getting new apparatus, still hiring a new class this year, and still are in our long-term planning to add another station and a few more units. So while things may not all be peachy, I still have a job, and I still think it is the best job in the world. Sometimes that can be a curse. Lets face it some of the people in charge know how good this job is and use that fact to try to treat people poorly (what are you gonna do quit?). But in times like this its a blessing.

So let’s get out there and help ourselves, lets spend that few extra minutes on scene and make sure the citizens we serve remember that they do need us, and that much like insurance we need to be there in case something goes wrong, because after it goes wrong it is too late. We need to make the fire service a focal point of our community, not an item on a budget that is expendable.

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