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FDIC 2011

While I am usually always excited for FDIC as it is in my opinion the premier fire service conference in the world, this years is even more special.

I have been selected to teach a “classroom session” (a 1 hour and 45 min presentation). The selection process and criteria is pretty difficult so to get selected is quite an accomplishment and quite humbling.

Here is a description of my class:

Long-Stretch Solutions
Master Firefighter Robert C. Owens Sr., Henrico County (VA) Division of Fire
Several solutions to enable engine companies to efficiently stretch beyond their preconnected hoselines to reach the seat of the fire, regardless of the number of personnel available, are presented. Proper apparatus positioning, occupancy application, training, and communication are also discussed.
Presentation Date and Time: TBD

So if you plan on going to FDIC come out and see my class, or just come out and see me! I also recommend the following classes:

Rehab: Beyond the Water Cooler (classroom session)
Karen C. Owens, Emergency Operations Assistant Manager, Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services
A comprehensive look at a vital issue: how to establish an effective rehab sector that allows for expansion and contraction based on incident operations. Also, students will compare effective and ineffective standard operating procedures and explore methods for determining fitness-for-duty standards. The NFPA 1584 standard covering rehabilitation and the relationship between incident rehabilitation and ICS will also be discussed.

4-Hour Workshops: Monday, March 21, 1:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

EMS and ICS: Where Do I Fit In?
Karen Owens, Emergency Operations Assistant Manager, Virginia Office of EMS
When listening to radio traffic in a jurisdiction, you will frequently hear, “Engine 7 on scene, Engine 7 establishing command.” However, how many times have you heard the following radio traffic? “Ambulance 2 on scene, Ambulance 2 establishing command.” While ICS is an all-hazards approach to incident management, the focus is normally the fire service’s involvement in the establishment and management of the incident command structure. Few, if any programs, offer scenarios and position specific information as they apply to EMS providers. This workshop will discuss the roles of the EMS provider in the incident command structure and present scenarios based on the information provided.

4-Hour Workshops: Monday, March 21, 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
Emergency Response to Large Events
Frank Cheatham, Health and Medical Emergency Response Team Coordinator, Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services
Many departments have large events/gatherings in their response area. With each of these events come a unique set of issues that can quickly impact a department’s day-to-day operations. This workshop will examine several types of large-scale events and help the participants develop an understanding of the unique needs of such events and how to best plan for and meet those needs while also providing for the daily needs of the jurisdiction.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at FDIC, and looking forward to learning a lot. If you have never been to FDIC it is well worth your time and money check out the website and all fo the classes here http://www.fdic.com/index/conference.html 

Hope to see you there,  as usual spread the word about the blog, and in addition spread the word about these classes!

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