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A possible PPV during fire attack win?? You be the judge!

Take a look at this video from Thebravestonline.com http://www.thebravestonline.com/news.html?view=1&id=30141

In the video shot from an overhead view-point. In it you will see a fire that appears to have started on the exterior and autoexposed into side C of the occupancy and into the attic space. The fire then progresses in intensity and it becomes obvious that there is fire on 2 floors, plus the attic space, and a medium to heavy smoke condition through the occupancy.

Fire apparatus arrives around the 13:39 mark in the video and while they are deploying one of the first things the ladder chauffer pulls off is the PPV fan. After taking a while to determine were to put it he elects to place it on side A at the front door start it and leave it running but not blowing in the occupancy yet.

Crews begin to make entry at around the 12:15 mark obviously encountering heavy heat, and smoke. Smoke can even be seen issuing out of even small pipe vents on the B side, and out of the front door.

At the 10:22 mark with still heavy fire on side C and heavy smoke conditions throughout the occupancy the truck chauffer puts the fan in, and with in less than a minute smoke is no longer coming out of the front door, and the entire smoke direction, and air track of the fire has changed, with the fire appearing to intensify on side C. A minute or two later the companies are able to get a knock down and the visible fire is gone.

Now I for one am not a fan of the fan during active phases of firefighting as I stated here http://averagejakeff.wordpress.com/2010/05/14/are-you-a-fan-of-the-fan/ . However I do belive my own eyes and the fan on this one appears to have aided in the engine company stretch and made it easier to make a push in on the fire area, in order to achieve knock down.

So what do you think? One in the “win” column for PPV during active firefighting? Or just a group of guys who got lucky? Was this the “perfect storm” for PPV? Or a well rehearsed deployment plan? Leave your feedback in the comments section and as usual spread the word about the blog!!!

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