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More SCBA Stuff

Last night  prior to our fantasy football draft (yes we do other things besides the fire department, not a lot but some), my brother and I got into one of our usual debates on fire tactics (imagine that right). he ...

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Master Stream on a Bus Fire? You be the Judge!

http://statter911.com/2010/08/21/master-streams-used-to-control-bus-fire-pictures-from-anne-arundel-county-md/ The above video has been getting a lot of play on various fire service websites, and even more debate on the “tactics” used to bring the incident under control. The video shows you a bus on fire, but it’s not just ...

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Great Minds Think Alike

It seems that a lot of people are talking ventilation these days, and since the last 2 posts here on the blog have been about ventilation it seems that we have taken that trend and ran with it! As I ...

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Roof Ventilation

http://www.fireengineering.com/index/articles/display/3599238959/articles/fire-engineering/firedynamics/2010/08/Primary-Roof-Ventilation-Operations-for-Flat-Roof-Structures.html The above article from Fire Engineering is from a DC ladder company captain and it focuses primarily on flat roof ventilation operations specifically on residential flat roofs. It’s a great article and well worth the read. Having been previously assigned ...

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Turn Out Gear: When do you wear yours?

Kind of keeping with the great fire service debates we have going on in the blog right now this topic is another one I do not understand. I consistently see firefighters not wearing appropriate levels of PPE during calls. Recently ...

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Forcible Entry: Baseball Bat Swing

Forcible Entry-Bball Swing  <————–Click here for the document The above document comes to us from Dave “Rude Boy” Mylum. It is about a great single firefighter forcible entry technique known as “The Baseball Bat Swing”. It is primarily used on ...

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