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Firehouse EXPO

Yesterday I made the day trip to Baltimore Maryland for the annual Firehouse EXPO sponsored by Firehouse magazine. Since I was only there for the day, I was unable to partake in any of the classes, but I was able to take a look around the exhibit floor.

I have been going to Firehouse EXPO for some time now and while personally I think that it falls far short of the FDIC experience, Firehouse EXPO is still a top-notch show and well worth your investment. Like anything else in life you get out of it what you put into it!

The highlight of my day had to be being interviewed for a segment by the Firefighter Net Cast crew. It was a short interview basically just asking us what we though about the EXPO. You can listen to it here: http://www.firefighternetcast.com/2010/07/podcasting-at-firehouse-expo/

Other than that I would say it was a solid show although I was saddened to hear that one of my favorite events of years past the Sunday morning apparatus parade was not happening this year. While I am not a fire truck expert, and can not quote job numbers, paint schemes, and entire histories like my friend Taylor. I do enjoy seeing interesting fire trucks and taking pictures of them, and then climbing in them to see what other people are doing to make their apparatus more user-friendly. The parade offered that and it will be missed.

I would like to know what others though of the EXPO, and what conferences you feel are top-notch and worth attending. I am always looking to travel for a good fire department experience. Please leave some feedback in the comments section and as usual spread the word about the blog!

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