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Product Review: Bright Star “Responder Light”

I bought this light at FDIC this year since I was looking for a new light and it was on sale. I have been using it now for a few months and really like it. So I figured I would do a review of the product:

Brightness: The light is sufficiently bright. It does not have the smoke cutting ability of the “Survivor” light brand lights, and is not brighter than my “Vulcan” light, but is still bright enough to get the job done, and is a good complement to my other lights.

Construction: The construction of the light is probably one of my favorite features. I like to wear my chest strap with my SCBA because I have narrow shoulders and wearing the chest strap allows the SCBA to rest more comfortably on my back, and not pull on my shoulders causing them early fatigue. I got away from wearing coat lights because I could not find one that allowed me to utilize the chest strap comfortably. The “Responder” has a skinner neck than the survivor and it allows me to wear the light and chest strap and still feel comfortable. Add to that the easy to operate on switch (with a gloved hand) and this is a very well constructed light.

Battery: The light can either be purchased with a rechargeable battery pack, or can be used with 4 C-cell batteries. After several rechargeable light failures, I decided to give the replaceable batteries a try. I think this is the way to go. The C-cell batteries give you 3 hours of continuous burn time(its advertised as 5 but more realistically its 3), and are easily changeable. If I am on the fire scene and I lose the battery power when I rotate to rehab I go to my SWAT bag and get my spare batteries out and change them. With a rechargeable battery once the light is done, its done until you can recharge it which depending on the light could take hours.

Miscellaneous: It is pretty durable, I am a dropper and have dropped it several times, and it is still working. It is also water proof. I got mine at a show special for a way cheaper price than being advertised on the internet, the special also included 2 spar bulbs (located in the light behind the lense) and a card for lifetime bulb replacement. So for about 20 dollars cheaper than internet price, free bulbs, and no shipping and handling coasts this light was very affordable, and was well worth the purchase.

Overall this is a solid light that gives you  a lot of use and is very affordable on a firefighters budget. I definitely recommend this light.

If you have used this light please let us know what you think about it. Also if you think there is a good light out there please let us know in the comment section, and as usual spread the word about the blog.

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