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Well I go the official notification that after 6 years, I am being moved to a different station. August 1st 2010 is when the transfer takes effect. Quite honestly I have very mixed emotions about it.

Part of me is very upset. I have dedicated 6 years of my life to learning this district, these people, these buildings, and these firefighters. I feel that I have made some real positive changes and contributed a lot. I am also leaving a great group of guys. These guys are mostly like me, all about the job, and in search of fire service perfection.

The other part of me is excited about the new challenge. The district I am going to is almost the exact opposite of what I have been in for the last 6 years. It’s also on the complete opposite end of the county, where I have ZERO knowledge base coming in. So needless to say I will be busy trying to learn as much as I can as fast as I can, learning new citizens, new firefighters etc.

Im sure in the end it will be a positive experience and I will get something out of this new experience.

So to my new shift mates….Ill see ya soon.

To my old shiftmates (Phillip Morris, Bart, Rude Boy, Rampage, Bony, Newman, Lights Out, B-Rad,El Guapo, and Cricket) Its been an honor and privileged to work with you guys. I know I am better for knowing you, and I hope you guys are better for knowing me. I know we will all still hang out, and I know you guys will call me every time you have a fire (cause you know I’m gonna do the same).

So wish me luck, and if you have the time share some of your experiences with this type of stuff in the comments section, and of course spread the word about the blog!

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