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More “Whats in your first due”

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While out training yesterday the crew and I came upon a residence we have had some prior dealings with. This occupancy had undergone an occupancy change and we wanted to check it out. What we found was pretty interesting.

This just places more importance on getting out in your district and getting into and around the buildings you go to. Even if you have been there before, as you will see things can change that will drastically change your fireground operations.

A special thanks goes out to Dave “Rude Boy” Mylum for taking the pictures and writing up the document. Dave is assigned to Henrico Truck 6 on the B-Platoon. He brings with him several years of volunteer and career experience from combination departments, and has a thirst for knowledge for the fire service. Dave is always taking pictures and video of things we find which helps us out in our training evolutions. Hopefully Dave will continue to provide us with quality training material, and blog posts.

What kind of things have you discovered in your district? Let us know in the comments section, and of course spread the word about the blog.

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