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The Basics Matter


The above link from firefighterclosecalls.com is related to the internal investigation from the LODD of 2 firefighters from the Colerain Township in 2008.

The link will also lead you to the NIOSH Report, Official Department Report, and Radio Clips.

While you can read for yourself, one of the things to point out is even the Assistant Chief said that these firefighters failed to follow basic firefighting procedures, and SOP’s mandated by the department.

Specifically leaving the hose line when faced with a hostile fire event and trying to flee from it.

In todays fire service with NIMS, TIC’s, Terrorism, RIT/ RIC, HAZ-MAT, Technical Rescue, and of course EMS our training schedule is often packed with things other than firefighting. While all of these things are important we are dying in fire buildings, and on fire scenes. We have to dedicate some time to our basic firefighting procedures. Hose pulling, hose advancement, searching, laddering, and physical fitness (which is probably most overlooked).

We will never stop all LODD’s this is a dangerous job, and we take risks to save people. However there are ones that occur that are preventable, those are the ones we have to stop. We do control our physical fitness level, our training schedule (well most of the time), and our knowledge of the job.

So get out there and train like your life depends on it, because quite frankly it does!

Also just a reminder this is IAFC Safety and Survival Stand Down week. This years theme is “Fit 4 Duty” focusing on firefighter fitness.


So take the time to “Stand Down” for a shift and do some serious research, and self assessment on your skills, and physical fitness. Ask yourself “if your family were to see how you perform your job duties would they be impressed, or scared?”

Stay safe out there, and as usual spread the word about the blog.

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