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The Naked Fireman!!!!!


Above is a YouTube video I found today. I just typed in fireman and there it was. These two guys are rowing for charity and they are explaining why its easy to row naked.

It got me thinking about the fire department in general. People who know me know that I have always said one of the interview questions to get hired on should be “do you mind seeing people naked”? Lets think about it, how many people have you seen naked while doing this job? I know my count is in the hundreds. We used to have two guys at the station (one has retired, and one has moved stations) who would religiously like to parade around naked as a practical joke.

The retired ones specialty was in fact called “The Naked Fireman”. He would constantly yell “WHO WANTS TO SEE A NAKED FIREMAN!!!!!” When you heard that you knew what was coming and you typically ran for cover or just endured the few seconds of pain that was involved for your eyes trying to shield them. It was almost like staring into the sun.

If people really knew what went on at the firehouse, I doubt they would be so willing to allow us into their homes in order to help them, even though it is all in good fun.

What crazy stuff is going on in your firehouse? Do you have a “Naked Fireman”? Let us know in the comments section and of course spread the word about the blog.

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