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Averagejake Tactical Simulation 4

The above simulation depicts a fire during the holiday season. I have explained the challenges with holiday season fires in a previous post here please take a moment to read it. Does the time of year affect your firefighting operations? How ...

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Are You Ready For When The Fight Goes Bad!

In Mixed Martial Arts and other combat sports fighters often train for the worst case scenario. They call this training “fight gone bad” training. It basically consists of getting put in bad positions and trying to get out of them. ...

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WOW man has it been busy around here lately, both at work and in my home life. There have been fires, interesting medical calls, and all of the mundane stuff that keeps us employed. Along with that is my part-time job ...

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It Takes The Basics

  This picture speaks volumes! Often times in todays high technology world where there is an “app” for everything we forget some of the basic yet vital tasks that need to be mastered in order for us to do our ...

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I have been thinking about this for a while and after some recent events it has finally boiled over to where I feel the need to write about it.Also I feel I must say this based on past experience, and ...

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