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Johnny Come Lately

Johnny-come-lately  noun John·​ny-come-late·​ly | \ ˈjä-nē-(ˌ)kəm-ˈlāt-lē  \ plural Johnny-come-latelies or Johnnies-come-lately Definition of Johnny-come-lately 1: a late or recent arrival : NEWCOMER 2: UPSTARTestablished families tend to hold themselves above the Johnny-come-latelies— William Zeckendorf †1976 I have heard this phrase a lot lately especially when referencing “new” instructors, authors, opinion speakers in the ...

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A Good Reminder….

  Today I was lucky enough to get to be the special guest “mystery reader” for my youngest son’s 4th grade class. March at the school is reading month and his teacher tries to get “mystery readers” to come in ...

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Batte Rope Hose Line

I talk a lot about the 3 hours The 3 Hours PODCAST 1 Hour in the Gym 1 Hour in the Library 1 Hour of Hands on Training EVERY DAY However that can be difficult especially off duty! However with ...

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Catching up and Chimney Fire Stuff

It feels like I am always just catching up! This time of year what else can you do. Working, holiday things, kids, shopping, class, passing the sick bug around! It seems like an endless loop that never ends leaving you ...

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I have been teasing it for a while but today is the day that Ryan Pennington and Robby Owens (www.viewsfromthejumpseat.com , Averagejake Firefighter) took the next step in spreading our message of firefighting and fire service excellence! So take some time ...

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The Week Of AWESOME STUFF!!!!!

Thanksgiving may be a few days away but this week it feels like Christmas has come early! I have had the chance to get some really neat stuff and experience some very cool things. First my brother-in-law Adam has recently ...

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