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Johnny Come Lately

Johnny-come-lately  noun John·​ny-come-late·​ly | \ ˈjä-nē-(ˌ)kəm-ˈlāt-lē  \ plural Johnny-come-latelies or Johnnies-come-lately Definition of Johnny-come-lately 1: a late or recent arrival : NEWCOMER 2: UPSTARTestablished families tend to hold themselves above the Johnny-come-latelies— William Zeckendorf †1976 I have heard this phrase a lot lately especially when referencing “new” instructors, authors, opinion speakers in the ...

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Placards are used to help us identify what a vehicle is hauling. They usually have a corresponding number in the ERG to let us know what to do when we encounter the corresponding material. However would you be surprised to ...

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Leadership Tunnel Vision

Webster’s Dictionary defines Tunnel Vision as: constriction of the visual field resulting in loss of peripheral vision   extreme narrowness of viewpoint : narrow-mindedness; also : single-minded concentration on one objective In the Fire service, we often associate “tunnel vision” ...

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Leading From The Middle

“You are trying to do the hardest thing possible, you are trying to lead from the middle” Chief Andrew Baxter *The above quote was told to me by Chief Baxter at a low point in my fire service career. I ...

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What is on your book shelf?

I am a firm believer that “Leaders are Readers”. With the rapid pace the fire service takes these days, and its transition to more scientific research, and an emphasis on analytical data for decision making it is impossible to keep ...

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