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We are fatter than everyone else!

According to the study done by the NVFC (National Volunteer Fire Council) that firefighters have a higher percentage of obesity (73-88%) than the average American (33.8%). Obesity is measure by BMI (Body Mass Index) To calculate BMI you can use this ...

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Tough Mudder VA 2011

Well folks I did it, I am now officially a TOUGH MUDDER! For those that do not know what Tough Mudder is take a look http://toughmudder.com/ Like I have posted before, about 2 years ago I was up to about ...

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This video depicts a problem plaguing my department. I am not against the hydra-ram, in fact quite the contrary. I think it is a great tool in the right situation, and when I was assigned to a truck company I ...

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October Drill Of The Month: Which Way Out?

    It may seem simple but watch any video, look at any recruit class even veteran firefighters mess this one up. Getting this one right usually makes the difference from “man that was a close one” to “MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY”. The good part ...

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We had a what?

Up until yesterday the only “Earthquake” most people had heard of around here was this guy  His real name was John Tenta, and for a while he was the arch nemesis of such wrestlers as Hulk Hogan, and Jake the Snake ...

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