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FDIC Review Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of the FDIC 2012 Review! When we last left you it was friday of FDIC and the conference for me was just about wrapped up. We (my group) had all intentions of heading out that evening ...

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Public Service Announcement Part Deux!!!!

DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOUR IRONS!!!!!!! With your donation of just 1 hour of hands on training a shift you can prevent Halligans like Harry here from being out on the street looking for random doors to force. Harry started off ...

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You gotta really want this job…..

I have been reading some pretty motivational stuff as of late, specifically the “Owning The Job” Series over at www.firecritic.com. It has come at a good time when I am kinda down on my motivation (not personal but departmental). Sometimes ...

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American Series 2000 Lock

This is just a short video on how to defeat the American Series 2000 lock AKA “The Hockey Puck Lock”. I was originally taught this method by Capt. Robert Morris of the FDNY at FDIC East in Atlantic City New ...

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