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Averagejake Tactical Simulation 1

Above is the first in a line of tactical simulations using Sims U Share simulation technology. The purpose is to take these simulations and sit down with your department, shift, etc. and go over what you would do in your ...

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The Fire Service Real World

Editors Note: This is a post from my brother Danny who serves as an Urban firefighter in the Capital City of Virginia. He has an extensive experience in working in career, combination, and volunteer fire departments. He is assigned to ...

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Catching Up!

It feels like forever since I have been able to devote some time to the blog. Things have been CRAZY busy here on the homestead. I just finished up a week of the new Rope Rescue Level 1 course. Here ...

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Texas Close Call

Well it is good to be back from FDIC it was a very succesful conference and I am working on my full review post. However someone forwarded me this video and I could not wait to share it. Since VODPOD ...

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Hostile Fire Event!

  First take a look at the video, I’ll wait…. In the video you see a house fire with heavy involvement to the B/C (or 3/4) side of the structure. It looks like it could be an attached garage, or ...

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