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Engine Company Search: Split Level House

Engine Company Search: Split Level House Life Safety is the fire services number one priority, typically accomplished by searching for victims of fire inside fire buildings. This is a high risk, high man power, and high intensity tactic that must ...

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Are You Ready For The Christmas Fire?

I had a post similar to this a few years ago on the old site but a lot of these things need repeating. While a reduction of Christmas tree and Christmas decoration fires has been noticeable in the last few years ...

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Is this how you feel?

I was recently made aware of a great fire service blog written by Mark Vonappen. The blog is called fully involved and it is full of great leadership examples and quotes. While I was thumbing through them the other day ...

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I have been reading a lot lately about job dedication, and dedication to the fire service. While I agree with a lot of the things people have been saying I cannot help but think that there has to be something ...

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