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Teaching The Working Length

The working length of hose is critical when it comes to an engine companies ability to rapidly extinguish a fire. The working length is that first 50 feet of hose from the nozzle to the first coupling. It is the ...

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Averagejake Tactical Simulation 4

The above simulation depicts a fire during the holiday season. I have explained the challenges with holiday season fires in a previous post here please take a moment to read it. Does the time of year affect your firefighting operations? How ...

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Simple Hose Roll for DPO

This is just a simple trick that was taught to me and I have been passing on for years. Every engine company carries short supply hose sections of various sizes and lengths. I often found that when these rolls get ...

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Fire Hose Battle Ropes

The “Battle Rope” exercise is an awesome full body, and cardio workout that is perfect for on duty workouts. However sometimes the battle ropes can be highly expensive. Well do not fret you can do all of these great exercises, ...

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