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Averagejake Tactical Simulation 2

Commercial Building Fire Occupancy Type: Pharmacy What is your size up? What is your mode of operation? What is your initial attack plan? hose line? Rescue Profile? If going to search, how? Starting point? As usual share with your crew, ...

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The Collyers Mansion

In 1947 the Collyer Brothers were found dead among about 100 tons of junk ranging from phone books, to doll heads. Granted this was not because of a fire but ever since that day ever person to go through FDNY’s Probie School ...

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I have been reading a lot lately about job dedication, and dedication to the fire service. While I agree with a lot of the things people have been saying I cannot help but think that there has to be something ...

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Alternative Hose Line Stretches: Pike Pole Stretch

Pike Pole Stretch The Pike Pole Stretch is very similar to the “Rope Stretch” covered earlier here:http://averagejakeff.wordpress.com/2011/10/21/alternative-hose-line-stretches-the-rope-stretch/ There are a few differences but the benefits are the same taking less hose to reach an objective, and keeping a majority of ...

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