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In Memory of The Charleston 9 Dr. David Griffin Seminar

Today I had the honor and privilege of listening to Dr. David Griffin now a Captain with the Charleston Fire Department in South Carolina. He was speaking from his first hand experience, about the tragic fire on June 8th 2007 at the Sofa Super Store.

More than that he talked about the culture that created that tragedy, the difficult challenge of change in and organization, and his personal journey of coping and change.

I am far from the orator that Dr. Griffin is, and I am still processing all that I learned in just a short 3 hours. I however can say that the message, and inspiration are powerful! This is a lecture that EVERYONE from new firefighter to most senior chief needs to hear.

He preaches constant growth, and challenging yourself. Breaking away from the “that’s the way we have always done it” mentality, and constantly examining processes in the organization and yourself to seek improvement. Just because you have found a way that works it should still be looked at by different eyes and different times to ensure it is still the best way in one week, one month, and one year from now.

Not wanting to spoil the seminar completely I just strongly recommend this to everyone. It is a difficult topic to discuss, and to think about but the examples given can save lives, and hopefully prevent events like this from continuing to occur.

Additionally Dr. Griffin had two books for sale


The larger book “In Honor Of The Charleston 9” is a research style book documenting the organizational change in Charleston after the event.

The second “Action” is a guide to personal and professional growth with 9 “missions” to accomplish growth. This book is a quick read ( read it in about 30 mins) but the message is just as powerful as his seminar and these 9 missions can be utilized in multiple ways to achieve growth in your career, and personal life. These missions and the message can be utilized in and out of the fire service no matter your goals.

I have perused the first one and will be getting into it more in depth soon, but from what I can tell it is valuable research on organizational change. I recommend both and they re for sale at his seminars and on Amazon

Get more information on how you can book, or hear Dr. Griffin on his website Dr. David Griffin

Lastly and this point was driven home very well by Dr. Griffin, let us not just use Never Forget as a phrase. Let’s never forget by ACTION! Become the best firefighter, company officer, chief, etc. that you can be. Train, workout, and educate yourself everyday, and honor the sacrifice of others by being better than yesterday.

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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