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The Bear Crawl

The above video is something I have been working on for a little bit. Riding with only 3 firefighters on an engine it forces the officer to double as the officer and the back up firefighter on the hose line, essentially becoming a “working supervisor”. This can make the fire ground difficult when your expected to provide initial command and control, 360 size ups, put the attack line in place, and supervise the attack.

The method shown I have called the “Bear Crawl”. It allows for rapid movement of the initial 50feet (working length) of hose into the occupancy and up to a stair landing. It also allows you to stay low in the stair well beneath the smoke and heat, and can still allow the officer to move hose and coordinate the fire attack with the nozzle firefighter. I do not think it is perfect, no method ever will be when having to dual purpose critical fire ground functions,  but it is one way to try and overcome limited staffing while still assisting in fire attack and supervising.

Please share any ways you have found to over come limited staffing while still remaining effective in your fire attack operations in the comments section, on twitter @averagejakeff, or email [email protected]

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!


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