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Simple Materials Can Equal Great Training


Sometimes we can not get to our training center or even out of service to get quality training. Additionally sometimes we can not get what we consider quality material for training. Vehicle extrication is one of the topics we often struggle to get training time on. We typically can only get 1 or 2 cars a year to perform extrication on, and even then there is only so much car to go around so tool time is limited. So that is when you have to get creative.

The picture above is a piece of metal I found at the dump. It looked a lot to me like a post for a car, and I think at one time it was a piece of a bumper, but either way it looks very similar to a vehicle post that we attack during vehicle extrication, so I brought it with me to the firehouse.


After going over all of the tools we have for extrication, all of there attachments, and the operation of them we got down to business!

IMG_1873[1]  IMG_1875[1]

IMG_1877[1] IMG_1880[1]

We spread, crushed, and cut that piece of metal until there was basically nothing left.

The point is that a simple piece of metal turned into a great drill that cost nothing! We got to review critical skills, go over tool set up, apparatus operation, tool time that can sometimes be elusive, and even pulled out the user manuals to review the spread, crush, and cutting forces of the tools.

You may be busy, you may have limited time and or funds to put toward your training, but that is no excuse! You do not need a fancy training center, or materials to get great training. You need imagination, initiative, and a positive attitude.

Look around your home for things that you are going to throw away, look at dumps, junk yards, even ride by an construction site in your area to see if they have scraps they are going to throw away. You too can get valuable training for little to no cost.

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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