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Using The Station For Training

Sometimes we can not get to our local training centers for training, but if we look around the firehouse we can utilize our every day surroundings to gain some quality training!

IMG_1590[1] Your station hydrant can be used for more than just refilling the rig after a fire, it can be utilized to practice spotting the engine, hooking up to the hydrant, laying lines, etc. If you station has a FDC you can add hooking up to the FDC as a part of your drill.

IMG_1591[1] Any door at your firehouse can be used as a target to stretch hose lines. Position the apparatus at difficult angles, and pick the tough doors to increase difficulty.

IMG_1592[1] Some look at this picture and just see a parking lot, but it can be a great training ground. If you have a ladder company you can utilize the parking lot to practice shooting the jacks in between cars, short jacking, and packing into tight areas. In a drill the other day we utilized the parking lot to simulate an underground parking deck fire. It can also be used to stretch lines, flow water, simulate care fires, etc.

IMG_1596[1] We often use this area to simulate a window and practice throwing ladders to it. If your station has these vents, or windows you can use them!

IMG_1597[1] If your station has an upper level, or mezzanine you can utilize it to practice hoisting tools, or hose lines. It can also be used to simulate below grade firefighter or victim rescue. The stairs leading to the second level can be used to practice advancing hose up them, down them, or moving victims.

The point is you can use your surroundings to get some outstanding training at the fire station, and it costs you NOTHING! It only takes creativity! Make sure your making every day a training day and letting nothing get in the way of becoming the best firefighter you can be!

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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