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Adding Reality To Your Drills

I know this statement is going to shock some of you, but I LOVE THE FIRE DEPARTMENT! I really do! I love the calls, the shift, the brotherhood, the training, pretty much everything! I am the guy who after working a 24 comes home and turns the scanner on to hear what my department and the surrounding departments are doing. I am the guy that spends hours looking for training topics, videos, articles, etc. just to get my daily fire department fix.

That being said even I can begin to get run down by the mundane things. In order to keep everyone engaged and involved you have to add some reality to your daily drills. Doing this can make the difference between going through the motions, and an interactive drill where thoughts and ideas are exchanged.

bathroom cardiac arrest drill

Simply taking your EMS dummy and placing it in the bathroom of the fire station can add a whole new dimension of realism to your regular cardiac arrest drill.

Robby 2

A lot of companies practice “stretching” hose lines but how many add water? How many add full PPE and SCBA? Adding these factors gives you the absolute reality factor as this is how we will be doing it under fire ground conditions. Even just adding fire gloves can throw some for a loop with the loss of dexterity.

padlock-sim padlcok-sim-2

Even some scrap metal lying around and a few hardware store locks can make a great and realistic forcible entry simulator. Instead of talking about defeating padlocks you actually get out and do it!

Sure there will always be the mundane stuff that we have to go through. However we can be creative and add some realism with a little creativity and ingenuity.

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!


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