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Fitness and District Training!

Sometimes even with our best effort we run out of time during our 24 hour shift to accomplish everything we want or need to do. I know that personally I always strive for a minimum of 1 hour of PT and 1 hour of training every shift, but with other duties, and of course calls it can be difficult especially if your department runs EMS or has to staff and ambulance.

So why not combine the two? Someone on my shift came up with the Address Workout and I think it is a great way to combine our fitness with training. Here is how it works.

Simply pick a few addresses from your district (we usually do a minimum of 20) and write them down on a card. Also on the card assign each address an exercise.

For example:

12345 Main St Cross Street of 2nd and 3rd St
You get your shift together with your map book in a circle and the first person reads says the exercise and reads the address. You all start doing the exercise until the person to the right can give turn by turn directions to the address. If they know it stone cold then at least do 20 reps of the exercise, if they do not know it, then after 20 reps they can look it up in the map book while everyone else continues to exercise until they can provide turn by turn directions to the address in question.

You can make it more difficult or less difficult depending on your companies fitness and district knowledge. You can even add a penalty for having to use the map book, and make the addresses more difficult as you go.

This is a great way to combine fitness and training!

Do you have any other ways you are getting creative with your fitness on duty? Share them in the comments section or on twitter @averagejakeff Also follow along on twitter as I post the workouts I do, and follow the hash tag #fswfitness for other ideas.

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, STAY SAFE!

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