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Being Made to look like a FOOL!


Perhaps I should have watched this video SOONER! For those of you that are not in the Medic world the above video is about a piece of equipment known as the 3 way stop cock. it is used with an IV set up, and can be utilized to push meds, piggy back drips, etc.

I have ALWAYS had trouble with this piece of equipment, and yesterday while working it made me look like an absolute FOOL!

One of the other things I have always had trouble with is map reading and well directions in general.

I am sure we all have those things that make us look foolish at times. Some call them weaknesses, I say they are learning opportunities.

I think being made to look like a fool sometimes is valuable and it keeps you honest, it lets you know that you’re not as smart as you may think, you still have a ton left to learn, and you still have work to do. Even the motivated of us need that, it gives us direction and lets us bulls eye the direction we need to go.

In order to get better at map reading, I study the maps and the district probably twice as hard as others, and it still takes me twice as long to get it down but I still put the effort in. I have identified a weakness with the stop cock so I am going to spend more time with it.

The point is EVERYTHING we do is perishable from engine work, truck work, EMS work, etc. If we do not use it, we lose it. There is always something to train on, and sweat equity is usually the method to how we accomplish maintaining proficiency. So train on something for an hour everyday, the topics are ENDLESS! Follow along on twitter @averagejakeff and look for the hash tag #1hourhot (stands for one hour of hands on training) to see what I am trying to do to make me a better fireman.

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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