detroit fire 2

The National Firefighters Endowment (http://www.thethinredline.org/) has come up with a great program to help our brothers in Detroit.

We all know that Detroit is in dire straights, the city has filed for bankruptcy, they are denying retirees benefits, and the fire department has been forced to operate at a level that is virtually barbaric! They have old broken down equipment, gear that is ripped torn and out of date, tools that are obsolete broken or even get stolen on fire scenes. Yet the fires keep coming and they come in massive amounts, anyone who saw Burn (www.detroitfirefilm.org) got just a glimpse of how bad it is in Detroit and the help they need.

Well now we have a chance to really show how strong the brotherhood of the fire service really is, we have the chance to directly help our brothers in Detroit get what they need.

First go to www.detroitmutualaid.com there you will find a multitude of things you can do to help. Each company has a wish list of items you can directly purchase for them. Does your department have surplus equipment? Well there is an avenue to donate those things and put them to good use on the site. You can also buy Detroit Fire Mutual Aid Shirts, long sleeve shirts, hoodies, etc. and the money goes to buying equipment for the firefighters.

What else can you do? SPREAD THE WORD! Facebook, Twitter, Myspace any other social media site that exists get the word out there! Change your profile pic to the pic above, tweet, email departments in your area, get the word out!

So lets band together and show how strong the brotherhood really is, donate, buy a shirt, spread the word!

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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