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What’s on the end?


One of the techniques the department I work for utilizes is a leader line for stretches over 300 feet. This leader line is 3 inch hose, dead loaded in the rear next to the 5 inch supply hose. The length varies between 500 and 800 feet depending on hose being out of service. It is tipped with the “water thief” which has two 1 1/2 discharges and one 3 inch discharge.

I did not come up with this, but when I came to work here I fell in love with the leader line, and feature it in my “Long Stretch Solutions” class that has been presented at FDIC and Firehouse EXPO. I specifically fell in love with the water thief because of all the options it creates.

You have the ability to place two 1 3/4 lines in service (a third adding a reducer to the three-inch discharge), one 2 1/2 line in service, or a portable master stream (specifically the blitz fire, or start a duel supplied until you can stretch the second line). Additionally It gives you an ancillary water control point allowing your driver to send water and then not have to worry about it, and the ultimate shut on and off are with the firefighters at the other end.

I think it is one of if not the best options out there, even with its limitations (mostly the weight), however there are a ton of other options out there. What are you running on the end of your long line? Do you have a long line? What are it’s good points? Bad points?

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