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Simple Face Piece Enhancement

Do you ever have the problem on the fireground of not knowing who you are talking to? Sure we all have identifiers, apparatus or station numbers on our helmets, name tails on our coats, or even identifiers on our airpacks. Sometimes they are readily visible other times they are hard to see, and let’s be honest once the face piece goes on we all look very similar, and all sound the same.

Just yesterday I had a firefighter come talk to me at a fire face to face and I knew what company he was from but had no idea who he was until he walked away and I could read his name tail.

Face piece

How about adding a name identifier to your face piece? I have been doing this for years as just another way to mark my equipment, but never realised the gains it gave me until just a few months ago. Everyone knows it is me when they are talking to me, In the event of a MAYDAY this is one more way to be identified, it enhances communication, enhances accountability, and lets everyone know who’s mask it is.

All of these things with a simple label from a label maker. If there is more than one person with your last name, add the first initial of your first name. The point is that something this simple can create huge dividends in the fog of war. It’s why soldiers wear dog tags, and why before dog tags they would sew identifiers on their uniforms.

It doesnt have to be like Ricky Bobby’s Fig Newtons sign on his car (even though they are delicious), just big enough for someone to read and figure out who they are talking to.


What other things have you done to enhance your fireground? Leave a note in the comments section or on  twitter @averagejakeff

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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