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Inspiration from Irons and Ladders

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKkohuAp33c]

Firehouse innovation has always interested me, especially since I am not the handiest of people. You can go on YOUTUBE and find thousands of home-made props, and within a few hours you can enhance your fire training. I have been lucky in my time to know some pretty handy individuals that can create something out of nothing and the next thing you know we have an awesome training prop. One of those people is my buddy Dave “Rude Boy” Mylum. Rude Boy is a talented a builder as he is a fireman, if we needed something built for training he usually was able to come through. He has built a Pekel Simulator, Saw Skill Station, helped build a home-made forcible entry simulator (with the equally talented Hayden “Rampage” Foster), and now with the inspiration of the above video from the guys over at Irons and Ladders (http://ironsandladders.com/2013/01/31/padlock-forcible-entry-video/) his very own Padlock force entry prop.

padlock sim padlcok sim 2

padlock sim 3 padlock sim 4




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