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January Drill Of The Month: Gloved Hand Drill

glovedrill <——–Click Here!

This months drill comes to us from www.Firetrainingtoolbox.com . The site was cofounded by Chris Huston (Engineco22.net) and John Shaffer (greenmaltese.com) and has a variety of other contributors. They have even allowed me to post some of my musings on the site and I am honored for that opportunity.

The above link will take you to the drill. It is something Chris posted about almost a year ago, and when he did I tried it out, and think it is a great drill. SImply speaking we need to be able to do EVERYTHING with our fire gloves on. When I was coming up, I avoided my fire gloves like the plague which made it even more difficult to operate in them when I needed them. Now I try to do everything in fire gloves. This drill is just one of the many things you need to practice in your fire gloves. If at first this is to difficult scale it back. Start checking out your airpack in your fire gloves, tie some knots, check the rig in morning, even clean the bathroom and drink your coffee. Once you start mastering these simple tasks youw ill soon be able to master the difficult ones like switching radio channels, masking up, etc.

So this month get your fire gloves on and get to work. Also print this drill out and post it in the fire house somewhere. Please check out the Drill of The Month tab on this site for more drills you can use, and give the www.firetrainingtoolbox.com site a look, you will not be disappointed.

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!


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